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Here is why you should register on Gharse


Here is why you should register

About Us is India’s first and largest network for home businesses to sell and market their products and services online. If you run a business from home then this is the best platform for you to showcase, sell, promote and market your business and products.

India’s population of 1.2 billion has millions of home business owners today. is the most efficient and cost effective way of marketing your home business and to sell your products and services online in a growing economy to millions of customers worldwide.

Millions of entrepreneurs and home business owners today have to let go of their dream of becoming successful because they do not have a medium or the necessary resources to start, market and sell their products and services in an ever growing expensive economy. is a perfect medium to do just that. Now you as a home business owner can register with us for free and start marketing and selling your product and services online. Its that simple. 


Not only is beneficial to a home business owners but to you as a buyer it is the most powerful tool to find the perfect products and services you are looking for.

Here are some of the benefits of                       yourself on Gharse. In.



- Reach Out to Millions of Customers Nationwide

- Reach Out to Millions of Customers worldwide

- A perfect alternative to starting your own website and bearing the cost of maintenance and other expenses. You can simply sign up your home business with us and get a vanity Url.

- Market your business and services from the convenience of your own home

- Sell your products and services from the convenience of your own home

- Avoid expensive marketing like radio & print advertising

- Avoid opening expensive Shops, Boutiques, Shop in Shop and Offices and having to deal with high rents, cost of purchase and running costs to sell and market your home business, products and services.

- Reach out to over 100 million internet users in India alone

- A Perfect alternative to exhibiting in expensive trade shows and exhibitions where the customer reach is limited

- Upload photos, videos of your products and services along with detailed descriptions

- Have exhibitions from the convenience of your own home and inform your friends, family & others of the same

- Share your home business profile on social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter

- Protect your products online from being copied with our password protect feature

- By choosing one of our packages you could advertise your business on our website in way of banner ads, priority listings and suggestions.

- Get your home business rated by buyers and other users along with their testimonials 

- Receive notifications from buyers via sms and emails if you choose too.

- You can view the number of users who have visited your profile

- If you are homebound this is a perfect tool for you to sell and market your business, services and products

- Coming soon you will be soon able to even sell your products and services using our payment gateway.

- Sign Up its free


- Anyone with a  Home Business which offers products and services mentioned in our category section 

- Has to be 16 years of age to register 

- You need to have a valid email id and cell phone number

- Sign Up its free 


- Avoid unnecessary travel and crowds to trade shows , exhibitions and offices to find products and services 

- Choose from millions of listings to find products and services you are searching for. 

- You can find your products and services via locations

- Find products and services cheaper or more competitive than what is available in the markets

- Find products and services not available in the market 

- Compare rates and prices of products and services 

- If you choose to register you can get regular updates from informing you of new products and services via email, sms or on your social media.