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Spiritual & Healing

  • Shuddhi Therapy

    Shuddhi in sanskrit means "Purification" Shuddhi Therapy is an all-natural recipe for purification to heal & restore the body and beautify the skin for you to " Feel Divine " and " Look Divine" Handcrafted in the Temple of Transformation...

  • Panakea Healing

    Ms. Devacki K , Founder , Panakea Healing. Is a B. Sc., B. Ed. , and a trained software professional . She has worked in Banking Industry, Teaching, and Software Industry . Being intuitive since childhood , she could seamlessly shift to...

  • Pritti Soni Tarot Reader

    I do not want to die with this great knowledge so whatever I have in my mind, whatever I learn from experience, I write as it is for others. My mission is to protect people from bad planetary positions & misguidance of fake people. I am...

  • The 9th Dirrection

    The9thDirrection provides you with the following services : - Feng-Shui Consultant - Tarot Reading - Numerology - Angel Oracle Reading - Handwriting Analysis - Name Analysis - Signature Analysis - NLP Trainer - Soul Healing - Reiki Healing...

  • Sonal Jain Tarot and Astrology

    Specializes in Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra. Caters to International Clients as well with prior appointments. Her aim is to give right guidance to people

  • Trupti Shukla

    Trupti - Consulting Astrologer & Vastu Specialist

  • Dr Prashant Chokshi

    First Vastu Vishaarad , Shastri & Acharya of India and World . Also Consulting Vastu Expert , Vedic Astrologer & Counsellor .

  • Vastu Magic

    Also known as Soham Spiritual Solution Face Reading Specialists Numerologists Tarot Card Reading Astrologers Also Deals with Stellar Astrologers Vedic Astrologers For more information & orders you can also contact me on 9322454544

  • Urmila Deshpande

    Tarot and Angel card reading , Numerologist Also conducts various Spiritual and Healing workshops

  • Meta Medicine

    META-Health is an integrated approach to good health and wellness, an in-depth study that helps you gain an understanding of the process of disease and illness and the connection between a certain kind of stress and the actual disease it...

  • Vastu with Pallavi Desai

    Mrs Pallavi Desai has studied Traditional Indian Vastu Shastra for past 6 years & also have deep understanding in Pyravastu, numerology, astrology, dowsing, reiki, colour therapy, meditation She has mastery over Indian Vedic vastu shastra...

  • Anu Sharma

    Hi, I am an EFT, Somatic Experiencing and Bach Flower Remedies practitioner. These flower essences affect the emotional, mental, and energetic levels in the body similar to the way acupuncture works. They help the body heal itself by...

  • Digital Vastu

    Pioneering Research in - Vastu - Earth Healing - Aura Diagnosis and Anallysis - Pyramids - Water - Spiral Dynamics For more information and orders you can also contact 26680858

  • Stella Doshi

    Stella Doshi is a spiritual coach, healer and yoga therapist with over 10 years of experience in the self development field. Stella has studied various mind/body healing therapies in India and overseas. She has a successful practice of yoga...

  • Neesha Sharrma

    Runes Tarot Reader Numerologist Graphologist Dowsing

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