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Adams Mannequins
B 1204, Sangam Lane, New Ashok Nagar New Delhi

Delhi, Delhi

  • Fashion

Our company was founded with one aim in mind to bring the highest quality mannequins & accessories to the market at very controlled rate, guaranteed.

Founded in 2013, is the first Indian Online Shop for Mannequins & Store fixtures Accessories. is a web based instrument designed to implement the easiest mannequins shopping possible, with easy navigation and simplified categories. Team Adams Mannequins provide genuine suggestions & recommend best type of mannequins for your products. You can discuss with us on live chat. has wide range of beautiful & perfect, high-quality mannequins for your retail stores, trade shows & boutique. We believe mannequins are for each & every product. As per our experience and the feedback we received from the market is, Mannequins are the best tool to merchandise, to improve sales and very strong in stock clearances. We offer mannequins that have proper human proportions, both in length and girth, and in quality materials. All mannequins that we offer are proven and effective selling tools that are capable of showcasing your clothing to look its very best. Our mannequins have been sold to many of different retailers across the nation & abroad from big brand department stores to high-fashion retailers to small boutiques. The mannequins for sale on our website are high-quality products that will make your clothing looks very eye catching and help in improve your sell.

Adam?? Mannequins??philosophy of constant innovation and boundless creativity, we create mannequins which embrace and translate the spirit of fashion for a commercial audience. The unique artistry of our mannequins that capture, reflect and communicate the brilliant transience of fashion at its most beautiful and thrilling, the figures wield a power of their own.

We are the manufacturer, importer & exporter of Mannequins & Store fixtures Accessories. Adam?? Mannequin has a high control on production moreover we import the products at factory price, as we work on the principles of Six Sigma + Lean that are why we are perfectly able to manufacture high quality products at lowest price. We offer you a huge selection of high- quality mannequins that are durable and built to last long.

We also renting, restoration & redesigned of Mannequins & Body Forms, for that service please feel free to contact us.

Adams Mannequins
+91 9910278630