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Avisha Creation
Malad ( W )

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Avisha Creations creates and produces innovative, eco-friendly products made out of environment friendly materials like jute and cotton.

Apart from being dedicated to working with an environmental cause, we also do our bit to help minimize the gap in equality of income in India. We provide training and employment opportunities to the under-privileged sections of our country.
Avisha is committed to creating a greener footprint in a socially conscious way.

Why Jute ?
Jute, the 'Golden Fiber' as it is called, is one of the most environment friendly natural fibers available in the world today, as its 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. With the increased global awareness towards the use of eco-friendly products, jute is progressively widening its application areas from packaging materials like gunny bags, sacks, etc to consumer utilities in the form of handicrafts and many other day to day products.

Jute is eco-friendly:
Jute plants have high carbon dioxide (CO2) assimilation rate and it clean the air by consuming large quantities of CO2, which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect. Theoretically, one hectare of jute plants can consume about 15 tons of CO2 from atmosphere and release about 11 tons of oxygen in the 100 days of the jute-growing season. Studies also show that the CO2 assimilation rate of jute is several times higher than that of trees.

Jute is sustainable:
Jute is an annually renewable and sustainable resource with a high biomass production per unit land area. Jute is a fast-growing seasonal crop. It reaches a height of 1.5 to 4.5 meters in a period of 4 to 5 months.

Jute is 100% bio-degradable:
It is biodegradable and its products can be easily disposed without causing any environmental hazards. When discarded, jute totally decomposes putting valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Jute is Organic:
No fertilizers and pesticides are used in jute harvesting as the previous harvest provides enrichment for current one. Jute acts as a barrier to pest and diseases for others crops and provides also a substantial amount of nutrients to other crops in the form of organic matter and micronutrients. The roots of jute plants play a vital role in increasing the fertility of the soil.

Jute is Durable :
Jute is strong, durable and has UV protection. It has the life span of over a thousand plastic carrier bags

Livelihood resource:
The growing of jute provides an income for more than 4 million farming families in poor communities.

For more information & orders you can also contact Sunny Puri 9920975064