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Finest Fetcher - Personal Shopping Consultant

Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Consultation & Services
    Fashion, Grooming, Interior & Architecture, PR & Brand Building, Travel & Leisure

Finest Fetcher is an exclusive shopping assistance service. It started with the simple objective of helping people make their shopping experience cooler, smarter and definitely more stylish. It offers youngsters, corporates, college goers and even home makers the opportunity to shop like a star.
A first timer in the city, a visitor requiring assistance, or just someone pressed for time to shop for personal or lifestyle goods; whether you want to ooze charisma, make a difference in your professional, personal or social circuit, are seeking freshness, or simply wish to make your style a little zippy; stay certain you will be guided to the best places to indulge in meaningful shopping or get flawlessly styled, as the case may be.

Finest Fetcher services range from:
*Personal Shopping-Clients will be closely assisted in their shopping agenda by being accompanied to relevant places in accordance with their shopping needs, budgets and personal preferences.

*Image consulting-Correct clothing, hair style, make-up, and overall styling is what goes into building your appearance.This enables you to figure out what clothes and accessories suit you best.

*Wardrobe revamps-You will receive assistance on wardrobe updates and upgrades in order to match your lifestyle, bodyline and personality.

*Bridal Consulting Service-The goal here is to ensure you make a stunner of a bride!
You will be hooked up with the best beauty professionals in the field, who will take utmost care that your hairstyle and make up are perfect.
Rest assured your wedding attire will fit, look and feel immaculate, combined with all the necessary bridal accessories.

*Home furnishing and lifestyle items- Offer clients the right advice and assist them to create spaces that are unique and reflect clients personality.To take the burden off your busy shoulders and take care of every detail that goes into creating your "space".

*Expert City Advice-Offering assistance and guidance to city visitors in getting the best and the most out of the city.