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Fit Pets Kennel

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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  • Consultation & Services
    Travel & Leisure

Dogs are a man's best friend - so true! My passion for dogs has been there since forever.The passion developed into traing dogs for dog owners to multinational companies, in the early 90's. Ever since, the journey to owning a resort for dogs began. The craze for canines built up and finally explored into a full time resort for dogs - "FITPET KENNEL"

Situaited in Kandala in the nature with pleasant atmosphere.
Your pet begins his day with a fresh bath with spa treatment and a great massage that will keep their tails wagging and ask us more .

Afternoon the pet will have healthy meal with pedigree.
We usually keep 3-4 major brands of dry and canned food that you can choose from. Feeding times will be followed as close to your pet's normal schedule as possible. Toys, beds, or blankets from home are welcome and can provide your pet with something familiar that often makes them feel more at home. If your companion has medical needs we can administer that as well. All pets must be current on vaccinations.

The dogs are turned out up to 6 times a day for some play time in multiply fenced turnouts and the kennel is disinfected daily. Turnout time is determined by request and/or individual need. Climate controlled area campers are turned out 5-6 times a day. The main area is covered and walled on three sides with adequate ventilation to stay comfortable. Ceiling fans and a sprinkler system on the roof make even very hot days comfortable. Music is also provided. Remember, space is limited so please make reservations early, especially on holidays. Currently our hours are 8:00am to 6:00p by appointment, however we do offer 24/7 pick up and drop off for emergencies. If your plans change, please advise us as soon as possible of schedule changes and cancellations.
dogs are separated by size activity level and temperament.
So do give your pet a deserving vacation!!!!

For more information and orders you can also contact 9820048011 or