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Just for Good is exactly as the Name Suggests. There is
indeed a lot of good that we see happening around us and indeed we would like
to be a part of something good at some time or every time. It was this thought that brought us together in trying to make a difference in some peoples' lives. We are Kainaaz Irani, Aditya Jagtiani ,and Jai Singh.

Kainaaz has been a charity consultant for 2 years and has
headed a non-profit organization for 6 years. Aditya Jagtiani, and Jai Singh
are the Founders and proprietors of Mark My Fest- An Online events portal,
and Webtech an internet software company.

With God's Blessings, we have the resources to start something Beautiful and New.... and hence we have started this online shopping website which gives a platform to NGOs or Non Profits and Budding Entrepreneurs to sell the products made by them.

It is a difficult task for them to fund their own marketing
strategies and create a market for their wares. So here is Just for Good which promotes them, helps them sell their products and above all create a Platform for them.

There are a lot many of you who are extremely eager to reach
out to an organization that's working towards the upliftment of the less fortunate, and hence we are bringing them to you directly to get a hand of help, support and above all the feel that there are people who Care for them.

It would cost us nothing to look over the amazing collection of stationary, apparels and accessories, home decor and desktop goodies. It would actually cost you just a little bit to buy something and make a difference in the life of a woman who works day and night to earn enough to send her kids to school,in the life of a person who is hearing challenged and makes amazing jute bags to earn a living with dignity and hard work.

Let's Do It Just For Good