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The Designery by Nikita Mehta Shah
Juhu , Vile Parle (W)

Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Home & Lifestyle

A newly created little design studio inspired by mis-match , criss - cross and upside-down.
I have always been a dreamer. I dreamt of bright vivid colors , luscious backgrounds and beautiful forms. As a little girl I got into trouble for making papier mache out of my home - work and I got pulled out in class for doodling on my notepad. Monotony bored me and numbers were just not my game.
As I grew, I found that I was falling in love with mis-match , criss-cross and upside-down. Oddly put , there was a random symmetry in the way I approached things, be it my daily chores or simply getting dressed. I remember getting those whats wrong with you , looks from mum when she took me shopping. I would pick out the weirdest of colors, cuts and textures. It irritated her. But it excited me. I chose to do things the unconventional way and there were very few people who got me. I created my first piece of furniture when I was 16. A small little seating for my room while mum and dad were doing up the house. They obviously thought it was a complete mis-match with the rest of the decor but to me I loved how it completely set itself apart. Over the years, I came to think of it as a metaphor for the person I was and what I had grown into. I yearned to create. I had to unleash the need to explore an inherent creativity and to challenge myself.
Back then I dint know what to call it.
Today, I call it design.
Hi. I am Nikita Mehta shah, a business graduate turned Graphic Designer, 25, born and brought up in Mumbai. Studied at one of the most reputed design schools in London and worked with some of the biggest names in the design industry. Having a flattering list of clientele just wasn 't enough. Like I said before, I needed to challenge myself and hence opted for a path where I could purely create. No deadlines. No client meetings. No pitches.
I wanted to do something that would help me fulfill my creative aspirations and that would give me the freedom to design what I love.
So today, here I am re-creating my dream, re-living my childhood and reminiscing on those wonderful experiences that have inspired and structured my creations. My past speaks for who I am and my warm-hearted present constantly gives me reasons to believe in myself !
Filled with emotion and dedication, I hope my collection brings smiles into your lives and into the lives of the ones you love! I have always believed that you cannot share what you don 't have, and today brimming with pride, content and happiness, I cordially invite you to share my happy place with me.